Things To Visit in Maninjau and Bukit Tinggi

Things To Visit in Maninjau and Bukit Tinggi mp4. This is the first time that I visit Maninjau and Bukit Tinggi.  It is a fantastic journey of my life.  I have taken a lot of pictures which I enjoy it very much.  My family enjoys visiting these cities very much. We are planning to come back here next year. I consider this visiting the best experience I have ever found.

Jam Gadang is an old clock tower built in colonial times measuring 13 metres tall and located in the centre of the town’s main public square.

Built in 1926, it was a gift by the then Queen of Holland to the colonial leader of the city and has since become an icon of Bukittinggi.

The area around the clock comes alive at night with hundreds of stalls setting up selling all manner of knick-knacks and food including multitudes of bite-sized snacks.

To the side of Jam Gadang is a market split over two levels. The top level is called Pasar Atas, the bottom Pasar Bawah (Top and Bottom Market respectively). Here you’ll find all sorts of clothing, traditional snacks, handicrafts and fabrics, most of which is not particularly interesting. In the bottom section is a series of locally famous food stalls selling delicious dishes in surrounds of questionable hygiene.



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