Thakek Loop Thafalang – The Emerald River in Laos

On the Thakek Loop, on the 25th kilometer, there is this flowing emerald river, a must go for all loopers.

The Thakhek Loop  is a 450km loop around central Laos. It takes 4 days on motorbike. You can rent bikes from Mr Ku’s office, next to the Thakhek Travel Lodge for 100,000 kip per day with insurance. He’ll also give you helmets, a vague hand-drawn map, a quick lesson and a pat on the back before sending you on your way.

Getting Started on the Thakhek Loop

Reported bright and early on Day 1 to Mr Ku’s office for our first and only lesson before setting off on 4 full days of riding. We rode up and down the rocky side street of our guesthouse, fumbling around with the sticky gears, brakes and throttle.  After just 5 minutes of practice.



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