Jam Gadang and the Greatest of Bukit Tinggi

Jam Gadang Bukit Tinggi is second largest city in West Sumatera, Indonesia. It is in the Minangkabau Highlands, 90 km from the West Sumatera capital city in Padang. Bukit Tinggi, itself, was once dubbed “Paris van Sumatera”, you can also shop lot of things that you want, especially a clothing and knickknacks. This city has a clock tower as a historical monument made by Dutch East Indies. Indonesian local people call this tower as Jam Gadang. The structure was built in 1926 during the Dutch colonial era, as a gift from the Queen to city’s controller. It was design by architects Yazin and Sutan Gigi Ameh from West Sumatera. Originally a rooster figure was placed on the apex, but it was changed into a Jinja-like ornament during the Japanese occupation. Following Indonesian independence, it was reshaped to its present form resembling traditional Minangkabau roofs (or known as “bergonjong” roof). The tower clock was made by Bernard Vortmann in Recklinghausen Germany Factory. One unique clock feature uses “III” for the number 4 instead of the traditional Roman number “IV”. Based on a local story, the four vertical lines represents the four workers who died while constructing the building.



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