DIY Sparky Highlighter Rainbow Nail Designs.

Today I’m going to show you how to use highlighter paint your nail. I add gold metal stud guarantees a stylish look for your nail. Let’s do it together.

Product Used

LED Nail Dryer 36 Watt
Top Coat
Silver Gel Polish
Glitter Gel Polish
Small Glitter
Paint Brush
Sparky Highlighter

How to
1. Apply silver gel polish and Use the UV light to cure the gel.
2.I add some small glitter on nail but It’s not work because I doesn’t use gel. Then I’ll apply glitter gel polish and add small glitter again. It works.
3. Put it into the UV light to cure the gel for 1 minute.
4.Painting your nail by sparky highlighter. You can designs your color that you in love with it.
5.Adding gold stud into middle finger.
6. Set it by the UV light 1 minute
7. Apply top coat then finished.


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