Wongamat Beach 2

The Wongamat Beach in North Pattaya – Part 2

Wongamat is surely the prettiest beach close to Pattaya, with soft, clean sand, inviting water and quite a few coconut palms and shade trees at the top of the beach. There is even a little of the original fishing village to be seen at the south end – though this is somewhat overshadowed by high-rise condominiums.

The beach can hold quite a lot of people in the peak season. But come low season, it is virtually deserted, as the photos here show. Our July photos show one of the regular, blue-sky breaks during the monsoon season which give some of the most delightful weather of the year – along with that empty beach. But we also show the rather crowded peak season in January.

Wongamat is lined with a number of big hotels and condominiums, yet it still has more natural character than any other beach nearby. It is an excellent choice for people who want to be close to the beach, enjoy a sunset view, need a modicum of peace and quiet but also want proximity to the entertainment, shopping and lifestyle facilities of Pattaya. It’s just a 10 minute ride from here to the centre of Pattaya city. The beach name is sometimes spelled Wong Amat Beach.

The sand on Wongamat Beach is quite soft and attractive, and much cleaner than that on Pattaya Beach where so many cigarette butts are mixed into the silica and shell that they have become part of the beach strata. Here the spring tides (each full moon and black moon) thoroughly wash the sand right to the beach top.

Water quality off Wongamat Beach is doubtful, and swimming is not recommended in the ocean. Here the pollution levels are surely much the same as those off Pattaya Beach, which is virtually condemned for swimming. In 2011 the government’s Pollution Control Department awarded Pattaya a lowly 2-star status out of 5-stars maximum. That indicates the water could be hazardous to human health.

The serious pollution problems suffered by all upper Gulf of Thailand beaches start in the north of the country and the large central cities like Bangkok. Rubbish discarded into waterways by tens of millions of Thais is flushed down rivers and emptied into the Gulf.

In appearance, the water at Wongamat often appears better than that at Pattaya, and quite a few Russian tourists are seen swimming here. However it is likely most of these understand neither English nor Thai and remain unaware of the pollution problems. There are quite a few shade trees at the top of the beach, and an umbrella city of the type seen at Pattaya has not been erected. There are only small lines of umbrellas, something that helps the beach remain less cluttered. At Wongamat’s far south end a little colony of Russian tourists gathers daily in the high season months under large trees that lean far out, shading lots of sand and water.

As with virtually all Thai beaches with tourist hotels, good traditional Thai massage can be found on different parts of the beach – and it’s cheap. The masseuses either hide in the shade under trees, or set up little tents.



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