Wongamat Beach 1

The Wongamat Beach in North Pattaya – Part 1

Wong Amat Beach and Wong Prachan Beach

Wong Amat Beach and Wong Prachan Beach is connected with one another in Naklua area. Next to the beach there are many accommodations, including hotels, resorts, and private guesthouses, to support tourism. Both Wong Amat and Wong Prachan Beaches are a bit quiet, so it is suitable for any visitors who are looking for non-noisy beach hotel when coming Pattaya.

Wong Amat Beach is 1 kilometer long beach, but it seems like a closed beach because there are only a few streets heading to the beach. However, the gradually slope white beach is a good place to attract visitors to enjoy swimming. Additionally, there are not so many visitors as Pattaya Beach, so it would be an interesting option for family tourists to look after the kids easily.

Wong Prachan Beach is not as white as Pattaya Beach, but the advantage of this beach is that it is a good place to take some rest as the beach is quiet and surround by a lot of trees. Those who came here once usually come back again. From the beach, visitors are also able to view the Sanctuary of Truth (Prasat Satchatam) as a background.

However, as these two beaches are quiet, visitors could not find nightlife or major convenience stores at the beaches. Visitors have to go to the main street of Naklua to find convenience stores, where it would take several minutes by walk, where as to go to Pattaya City for enjoying nightlife would take several minutes by car.

Visitors can go there from the dolphin roundabout, at North Pattaya, to Naklua area. Then turn left to, Soi 18 Naklua Road as it is the simplest way to go to Wong Amat Beach. As it is very close Pattaya City, visitors are able to go there by either a motocycle taxi or a Song Thaew.



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