Wat Duang Dee (The Ancient Temple near The Three Kings Monument)

Wat Duang Dee, วัดดวงดี (also spelled Wat Duang Di), is located in the historic center of old walled Chiang Mai. The temple was founded in the early 16th century. According to the Chiang Mai Chronicle a monk of Wat Duang Dee became ruler of Chiang Mai in 1761 (B.E. 2304). This was a short period of independence for Chiang Mai before the Burmese returned to again govern the country (1763-1774, B.E. 2306-2317). In 1819 (B.E. 2362) King Thammalangka, the second ruling prince of Chiang Mai, renovated the monastery and held a dedication celebration. Wat Duang Dee (Wat Duang Di) has a wihan and a monastic library (Ho Trai) dating from 1829 (B.E. 2372) with beautiful gilded wood carvings.


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