Victory Monument – Famous Military Monument in Bangkok

Victory Monument

Victory Monument is a large military monument in Bangkok, Thailand.
The monument is entirely western in its design. It is in sharp contrast with another prominent monument of Bangkok, the Democracy Monument, which uses local Thai forms and symbols. The five statues representing the army, navy, air force, police and militia. All of those are designed in a heroic style.
The monument was built in June 1941 to remember the Thai victory in the Franco-Thai War.

Big local living area @ Sapan Hin,Phuket

Big local living area @ Sapan Hin,Phuket

Sapan Hin is a large open area in the south of town – follow Phuket Road south from the center and keep going. You’ll pass Bang Neow Chinese shrine on the way and the Phuket Immigration office. As you reach Sapan Hin, theres an odd shaped monument in the center of a traffic circle – it’s apparently meant to represent a drill bit and is dedicated to the tin mining industry that made Phuket rich during the 19th and early 20th century.