Naklua Fish Market

Naklua seafood market is the best place in Pattaya to buy fresh seafood and vegetables of all types.

The food sellers are amazing as is the fruit which is fresh & ready to eat. I got my hair cut in a nearby hairdresser – best and cheapest haircut ever. The whole atmosphere is hustle and bustle with women very carefully preparing and selling all they have. The fish market is most interesting as Pattaya and Naklua are sea ports with huge amounts of produce from the Bay of Thailand going thru each day.

A fish market in a seaside town? Obvious, but still worth a visit. My Thai wife wanted to buy fish, shrimp, crab and other seafood so we visited while in Pattaya.

I couldn’t see it, but allegedly the prices are cheaper than elsewhere. Not sure about that, however compared to UK it is way cheaper.

Access wise the flooring is not level and wheelchairs may be disadvantaged by the ground and the aisle widths. Apart from fish, the other side of the market, lots of normal markety type products were for sale.

You can buy very very cheap but fresh seafood here. But it is a local market, smelly and dirty water all around. For tourist, do not come here if you cannot cook at hotel, it is a pain to see the low price and good seafood while you can’t buy any.

The market is at the fag North end of Naklua. I took the sang theu from Central Festival .. it takes 10 Baht , get down at the last stop.. It is just adjascent to Naklua garden. The market is not very big , but one gets t live lobster , scampy , prawn and shrimps of all sizes , with crabs, squids , octopus , mussels , oysters etc, at unbelievable price.. Even you are not to purchase, it is worth visiting the place only to see such a collection of sea food..

There are lot of eateries , which cook the fresh seafood.. In one sentence , the freshest sea food at it’s best…


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